Management System

Manage Your Financial & Banking Practice all in One System!

SalesBeey provides the "Best Possible" user experience to the financial and banking practices that can build customer trust and loyalty. SalesBeey offers financial planners the necessary software that integrates the practice with sales, service, and marketing modules which provides personalised customer experience across all departments of the practice, and through multi-channel channels marketing approach. SalesBeey is now revolutionising the practice towards providing services to the customer by the financial planners and fund managers.
Global Lead
Organise all your leads from different sources (Web, Facebook) in one place as part of the Customer Relations Management.
Track all business opportunities from the initial meeting, including all communication history.
Integrated Document Management
Organise all your business records in one place within the aoCRM System, including syncing to staff laptop or mobile devices.
Organisation & Contact Management
Record contacts and organisation details, keep copies of the business opportunities and list all transactions, purchase orders and forecasting.
Accounts & Payment
Manage real-time payments and schedule direct debit payments and processing with all types of  payments including receipts, fees, and sales orders.
Sales Commission Management
The System efficiently links customer records with organisations and all the relevant parties, as part of management information in a timely manner.
Integrated Workflow
The System is designed to deliver prompt, reliable and automated services through workflows that satisfies customers.
Bulk Email & SMS
The System helps businesses to track business activity everyday, helping to make informed decisions directed towards business growth.
Dashboard, Reports & KPI Notification
The System allows the business owner to focus on the core business in a daily, weekly and monthly basis with dashboard & reporting capability.

What Makes Us So Special?

Improve your Customer Retention and Cash Flow, with One System to Manage Your Entire Business


Our research team is always keen to identify innovative approaches towards productivity and business growth.


The System is designed thoughtfully, with years of industry experience, to address today's business challenges to be ready for the future.


We place high priority on the security of network, data and transactions, and is designed according to industry standards.  


We always focus on the best interest of the customer and maintain the solution delivery with highest possible standards.

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